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Combat Pest Control Services

We use a unique service programme, tailor-made to suit your environment. An intense follow-up programme will be put in place on evidence of infestation.

The presence of rodents in our premises is now unacceptable and proper preventative and proofing measures are essential. In the event of rodents entering a premises it is important for rapid eradication, source of entry and a strict follow up programme to monitor control. Our 24-hour service and pro-active measures ensures minimal disruption to your business.

All products used by Combat, have approval from Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry.

Many companies are paying out large some of money for on-going insecticide treatments to control potential infestations. This is in most cases a waste of money and a misuse of pesticide. Combat can install an excellent monitoring programme along with specialist surveys to detect insect harbourage and activity. As most insect infestations require specific control measures unique to the insect, effective treatments can be carried out following identification and particular habitat.

All procedures adhere to standards such as the H.A.C.C.P. system.

Bird activity, especially Pigeons around premises can be a major factor of insect infestation and health problems including the spread of bacteria such as E-Coli. Bird activity has been the cause of major insect infestations in food manufacturing facilities and hotel blocks. Combat can provide humane non-perch and entry prevention systems to suit all environments and we have a number of sites that we would be happy to show you.

Detailed reports generated to compliment your Q.A. systems, both for internal and external audit.

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